The quest for natural and healthy food and cosmetics has been realized by our ancestors. Many village products in Lebanon are now being rediscovered.  Olive butter was used as a healthy alternative to dairy butter. Olive oil was used in food and to make soap, cosmetics. Soapwort, soap nuts and other saponin containing roots were used for laundry. Vinegar  was used for salad dressing and also for cleaning along with alcohol. Natural minerals were also used for hard surface cleaning. Essential oils from flowers and herbs indigenous to Lebanon were used for medical reasons.

 If you have visited our country and wandered in its mountains and forests you probably have sensational memories of nature smelling so fresh and bewildering.

Villagers collect the flowers and herbs from the wild. They use the well known distiller called “Karkeh” to extract the plant essence and water. Further processing at our special facilities to separate wax and unwanted material result in pure essential oils that can be used for healing, aromatherapy and perfumery.

We employ state-of –the-art methods to purify the oil and hydrolats.  All products are made to prior orders and subject to seasonal availability, weather conditions and  production capacity.

Each species of flower and herb is sourced from a different locations and only the best are selected.

Cold pressed oils are used in food and for therapeutic reason. They are also used to dilute essential oils instead of harmful paraffin oil.

Herbal vinegars find their use in culinary and flavoring. 




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